Saturday, December 31, 2016

Don't Leave Home Without It

Survive Anything by Always Carrying These 13 Pieces of Gear  Wes Siler Gear 12.22.15

Keeping emergency go-bags in your house and car is obligatory, but what if disaster strikes while you’re at Baskin-Robbins? That’s where a philosophy called Everyday Carry comes in. You should keep basic tools on hand at all times. This gear can help you deal with disasters or just the little twists and turns of normal life. The best part: It all fits seamlessly into whatever clothing you typically wear.

Slide: 1 / of 13. Caption: Caption: DPx Gear HEST/F Pocket Knife | Designed for urban spaces, where the ability to smash a window or strip a wire is as important as self-defense. (There’s a carbide glass-breaker on the pommel.)Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 2 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Naked Filter | A micro-filament filter that screws onto most bottles, it removes 99.9999 percent of micro-organic contaminants from water.Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 3 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Goal Zero Flip 10 Recharger | This minuscule USB charger is roughly the size of a ChapStick, but it can top up your phone.Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 4 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Pelican 1030 Micro Case | The watertight, crush-proof polycarbonate housing is sized just right for a pair of glasses.Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 5 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Cash | Don’t count on ATMs. Carry the total amount you use in a typical day at all times (in small bills).Getty Images 

Slide: 6 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Smartphone | GPS still works when the grid is down. Install BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS (Android) or Gaia GPS (iOS), and download topographic or street maps for your area.Christie Hemm Klok 

Slide: 7 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Leatherman Style PS Multitool | Pliers. File. Scissors. Tweezers. Screwdriver. Bottle opener.Christie Hemm Klok 

Slide: 8 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Foursevens Atom ALR2 Flashlight | An integrated magnet on this tiny torch allows you to position the light while you work.Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 9 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Gerber Shard | This pocketable pry bar can jimmy locks and open containers, tasks that might damage a knife blade.Christie Hemm Klok 

Slide: 10 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Safety Pin | Clothing malfunction? Look no further. Loop the coil around your key chain for easy carry.Getty Images

Slide: 11 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Duct Tape | You can tightly wrap 8 feet around a piece of paracord and it’ll be no bigger than your pinkie.Getty Images 

Slide: 12 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Fox 40 Classic CMG Whistle | Three short blasts in quick succession is the international call for help. This model has a mouth guard and no moving parts.Christie Hemm Klok

Slide: 13 / of 13. Caption: Caption: Outop Waterproof Aluminum Pillbox Case | Secures essential prescription meds (or just emergency supplies of Imodium and Tylenol).Christie Hemm Klok


OK, these are all great things in a pinch.  But what you really need to remember to take with you is your Totoro keychain.  Keeps track of your keys, provides company and fends off impending PANIC ATTACKS!

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