Saturday, December 17, 2016


An Abused, Dishwashing Robot Dreams of an Escape
Like Westworld, only much more adorable. by Madeline Raynor Dec. 17 2016

"Hum," above, is a science-fiction short from director Tom Teller and Frame 48. It follows a robot that works as a dishwasher in a restaurant, confined to a small, poorly lit room and abused by a cruel human boss. One day, an injured bird lands on the window sill and shows the robot that there's a whole world outside his cell. With help from the bird, the robot tries to break free.
The short is crafted with heartbreaking (and beautifully animated) detail. Stick around for the adorable scrapbook credits to see the adventures in store for the robot and its new friend. 

Madeline Raynor is a Slate freelance video blogger.

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