Friday, December 2, 2016

Lizard Puppies

Chameleon Babies

Did you know that chameleons have the ability of rotating their eyes separately, each on 180-degree arcs, and this gives them a full 360-degree field of vision? You probably did. What you perhaps didn‘t know is that these colorful lizards have the cutest babies!

But don't worry, we've got you covered here. From the ones that haven't even realized they've hatched already, to those that have just caught their first fly, Bored Panda has collected you a bunch of the most adorable chameleon babies ever. Did you ever think that lizards could be this cute?

Two baby chameleons reaching out to each other   Igor Siwanowicz

Baby Chameleon  Chris Minihane

Happy Baby Chameleon  Igor Siwanowicz

A Baby Panther Chameleon Only Seconds Old That Didn’t Realize He Was Out of the Egg  Canvas Chameleons

Newly Hatched Baby Flapneck Chameleon  FLChams

Cuteness Alert! Baby Veiled Chameleons  Report

Newly Hatched Baby Chameleon  Lorinda Taylor

Happy Friends  Mehmet Karaca

Cute Baby Chameleon  Igor Siwanowicz

Excited Baby Chameleon  Igor Siwanowicz

When it is time to hatch but you just want to stay in the egg and sleep all day

Baby Hunter

Lovely mini-dinosaur

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