Wednesday, December 28, 2016

There Were SOME Good Things about 2016

So yeah, 2016 really sucked.  But it wasn't all bad.  There were 3 things that come to mind.  Two of them were people I discovered.  The first one was John Oliver.  I learned more interesting stuff from John Oliver than everybody else in my life combined.

Remember these?  If you haven't seen these you should watch them all.

The second person I discovered was's Science guy. Matt Simon.  If nothing else, this guy deserves major points for being a science guy having the nads to use the word "adorbs" to describe an animal.

If you haven't been sufficiently charmed by the above videos, go HERE to see more!

But my favorite thing of 2016 was finding a working home for a Border Collie named Maid.  (Now Daily)  Maid was a shelter dog.  But when I looked at her, cowering on top of my feet, something said, "This is a working dog."  So I took her out of the shelter, helped her to get over her anxiety and fear, gave her a little trainer and a couple of sessions with a sheepdog trainer.  And with the help of some great Border Collie people, I found her a place where she and another dog have charge of 40 goats.  Yay, Daily!

 Above: Maid/Daily in my home.  Below: Getting her abilities assessed.

Above: Daily and her new owner.  Below: Her charges.  (With whom she is beautifully color-coordinated!)

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forsythia said...

Happy that Daily has a new home and a job.