Sunday, January 1, 2017

Amazon Boxes - They're Not Just for Cats

Found this on a Nextdoor forum:

Now that the holidays are over, are you like me and up to your eyeballs with shipping boxes from Amazon? Well, finally something's being done to keep all that cardboard out of the waste stream AND help you declutter your life.

Amazon and Goodwill have started a program that lets you donate to Goodwill by packing your old Amazon boxes and shipping them for free. When you've opened your box and unpacked whatever you bought, fill it back up with clothing, accessories, or household goods you want to donate and print a free shipping label from Then just drop it off at USPS or UPS and your box will be delivered to Goodwill.

We get tons of stuff from Amazon on a weekly basis, so this does a double-whammy for us: We don't have to spend a bunch of time breaking down boxes to put in the blue bins *and* I get to jettison all the stuff hanging around my house that never seems to rise to the point of bagging it and taking it to a donation center.

For more details:

Yes, there will always be some left for the cat!  James Ng Photography


forsythia said...

Now what to do with those dreadful styrofoam peanuts?

geonni banner said...

That's easy. Put 'em on Craig's list. People with beat a path to your door.