Tuesday, January 24, 2017

America: Land of the Adult Toddlers

Anti-Trump rant woman removed from Alaska Airlines plane

 BBC 23 January 2017

A woman has been removed from an Alaska Airlines flight after berating the President Trump supporter seated next to her.

Scott Koteskey - the man she confronted - filmed the incident and uploaded it to Facebook.

The airline told the BBC the woman had insulted other passengers before boarding the plane, and that it stood by the employee who decided to remove her.

A white Starbucks's customer yelling at black employees

Trump supporters are asking Starbuck's counter-help to write Drumpf's name on their cups.  They ask for "Trump 1" to be written on their cups and get some sort of juvenile thrill hearing "Trump won" being called out. 

Starbuck's responds by saying "Partners (employees) don't have to write names or call them out."

Nyah, Nyah!  So there!

No wonder kids and dogs are so badly behaved these days - look who's raising them! 


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forsythia said...

Land of the Free-for-All.

I saw this happen: A family was loading the car to leave on vacation. Their 12-year-old kid yelled at his dad for some reason. Dad yelled back at kid, "Billy, STOP YELLING!"