Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Satisfied Customer

So I got an e-mail from an online pet supplies website that I frequent.  They were having a half-off sale on cat trees.  

Frisco 52-Inch Cat Tree

I have always sorta wanted a cat tree for Mugen, but they are usually either really stupid-looking, really expensive or both.  But Chewy had one that I liked, and the sale price was $40.00.  Wahoo!  

In order to qualify for free shipping you have to get $50.00 worth of loot.  So I picked out a couple of dog toys and submitted my order.  The dog toys came right away, but the cat tree took 10 days or so.  No big deal.  Using the tracking # I watched it inching its way across the country, starting in, I think, Pennsylvania.

An aside about the dog toys - the duck is Sugarfoot's 3rd one.  The first one was murdered by a rescue dog we had here last year, and the second one finally quit quacking after about a year.  She do love her duckie.  The sheep is huge!  Almost 20 in. tall.  She loves to tackle it and show it who's boss.  Sturdy too... 

Anyway, yesterday afternoon the cat tree arrived, and I put it together.  It took about half an hour.  It's well-made and the parts fit together with very little fuss.  They even provided Allen keys.  I put it in place at the foot of my bed, went and got the catnip jar and made little piles here and there on the different levels of the tree.  

My cat is a total whore for catnip.  If I brought a rhinoceros into the house and sprinkled it with catnip, my cat would fall instantly in love with the beast, climb on, roll around and drool on it.

So Mugen loves his cat tree.  See?

I recommend Chewy.  I get good deals on good stuff from them, and their shipping is normally very quick.  Check them out HERE

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Unknown said...

Yeah, but then you'd have an irritated rhinoceros in your apartment. The cat tree looks like a much better option.