Monday, January 30, 2017

Conquered by a Flea

Last night I took Sugarfoot and Zumi out for a walk.  I ran into my friend David, and we walked together for a little while.  As we walked I started pulling the “Zumi Needs a Home” flyers that I had put up earlier.

David said, “So I guess you found a home for the little dog.”

“Yes,” I answered somewhat peevishly, jerking the masking tape loose from a poster.”

 “So where’s he going?” queried my friend.

NO-where,” I growled.

David burst out laughing. 

Ha, ha.  Very funny.  How will I ever live it down?  I own a Chihuahua.  What is the world coming to?  There’s a narcissistic, xenophobic, climate-change-denying, racist, war-mongering, nut-case in the White House, and I have a Chihuahua.  Oh, woe is us!   

And Sugarfoot, who is as usual, wiser than me, does not see him as a Chihuahua, but as a friend.

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