Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Not Their President Either

Asahi poll: 48% pessimistic on Japan-U.S. ties under Trump

The Asahi Shimbun  January 17, 2017 

In the two and a half months since he won the U.S. presidency, hopes for improved Japan-U.S. relations under Donald Trump have dimmed considerably among Japanese respondents, according to an Asahi Shimbun survey.

Forty-eight percent believe that relations between the two allies will worsen under Trump, while only 6 percent had a positive response, the survey, conducted on Jan. 14-15, showed. Thirty-three percent said it will remain the same.

The result compares sharply with the previous survey, conducted in November right after Trump’s upset win on Nov. 8, which asked similar questions.

At that time, 22 percent were negative, 9 percent were positive and 49 percent said there will be no change.

The increased pessimism may be partially attributable to Trump's comments during his first news conference as president-elect on Jan. 11. During the combative session, Trump criticized Japan along with China and Mexico for contributing to America's huge trade deficit.

In the recent survey, 56 percent also said that Japan’s economy will be adversely affected by Trump's presidency. Those who expressed that his presidency will have a positive impact stood at 7 percent. Twenty-three percent said there will be no impact.

In the poll, survey takers called both landline and mobile telephone numbers randomly selected by computer. Parts of Fukushima Prefecture were excluded from the nationwide survey.

Of fixed landlines, among the 1,821 households contacted that had at least one eligible voter, 950 people, or 52 percent, gave valid responses. Of mobile telephones, among the contacted 2,075 eligible voters, 1,027 people, or 49 percent, gave valid responses.

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