Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ten Days with a Deer-Head

Zumi is the baddest dude in town.  Just ask him.  He's trying to bust all my dearly held notions about Chihuahuas.  He doesn't yap.  He doesn't shiver - unless he's cold.  He's not a picky eater, and he doesn't pee in the house.  In fact, he has a perfect record so far in the housebroken department.  

He does a watchdog schtick but he doesn't overdo it, and he makes friends easily with two-leggeds and four leggeds. 

When my Border Collie comes in with wet feet and fur, he solicitously licks her dry.  Sugarfoot doesn't know what to make of this, but she watches with bemusement as he works over her fur.  They romp together.

He's a tyrant with a soft toy.  We have a green octopus stuffie (see pic above) that's as big as Zumi is, but he pounces on it, growling like a bear.  (An itty-bitty bear)  He drags it around, giving it savage bites and shakes.  We call it his "Malinois time."

He's very affectionate, given to face-washing if you hold him close.  (He has a tongue like an anteater!)  He's learning to wait for a release command before going out doors or gates.  

What a good dog! Somebody out there is going to get a BFFL.   

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