Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Dog with the Cabriole Forelegs

The cabriole leg. Originating in Italy in the early 18th century, the cabriole leg curves outward at the knee and inward at the ankle. Inspired by a leaping goat's rear leg, this elegant S shape provides great support to larger pieces of furniture.

The cabriole leg may have a paw, scroll, club, or claw and ball foot, which you see on a lot on Chippendale furniture. The knee may also have an ornamental carving of a shell or lion.

Well, he’s feeling better today.  He’s romping with the Border Collie.  The cabriolet legs seem to be no impediment.  The tail is wagging more.

Last night before bedtime I took him out for a potty-break.  It was dark and cold.  He went off into a corner where the grass is tall, and “assumed the position.”  I couldn’t see him very well, except for an occasional glint of his eyes. But the trembling grass stems indicated the spot where he squatted.  

I went back inside for a moment before he was finished.  He seemed a bit alarmed by this, and began to make a series of the oddest sounds.  Not loud, but strange.  First he made a little melody that sounded like a chimpanzee carrying on, but like it had been recorded at 33rpm and then played back at 78 rpm. The Chimp-munks.  Next he did a woeful imitation of a baby bird peeping for its mom.  This trailed off into a little falsetto moan.  By this time I had come back out to fetch him and he pattered back inside, leaving a tiny pile in the grass.  (My cat’s productions are bigger!) 

What a good boy! 48 hours and no “mistakes” in the house.


Janice said...

He's so adorable

Roxann Kay said...

Good dog!

Roxann Kay said...

Thank you for helping this dude. He is a very sweet dog.