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The Real 'Most Beautiful Horse in the World'

People Are Calling This Super Rare Creature he “World’s Most Beautiful Horse”

Bored Panda 1/2/16  by​ Elizabeth 

When you think you’ve seen it all, Mother Nature springs yet another surprise with the Akhal Teke, one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world!

Originally from Turkmenistan, these majestic creatures are known for their shining, almost metallic blonde coats.

Scientists claim that due to the horses’ genetics, their amazing coats reflect and retract light, just as metal would. If this wasn’t enough, the Akhal Teke is an incredibly athletic breed, making it good for sports.

With only 1,250 of these horses in existence, it’s little wonder that the Chinese refer to them as “horses from heaven”.

(h/t: honesttopaws)
Weeeeeeelll, this is not entirely accurate.  All Akhal Teke horses are not this shining champagne color.  They come in many colors, including black.  And though this metallic sheen is seen on many of them, it is by no means universal in the breed. The horse in the pictures above is named Ak-Gez, and he is a perlino Akhal-Teke stallion born in 2002 at DACOR stud, Kazakhstan.

As to how rare they are, the American Livestock breeds Conservancy says there is an "estimated population of less than 5,000", and Providence Farm website says "an estimated 5,000 worldwide and about 500 purebreds in North America."

 gray Akhal Teke
Akhal Teke horses by Aomori

As for the shininess of the stallion named Ak-Gez, there's a grooming product called Show Sheen that can turn your ordinary bay Quarterhorse into the gleaming creature below...

So come on, Bored Panda, let's get our facts straight.  Ak-Gez is a very comely stallion.  But as for the rest, research, research, research!

OK, OK.  Ak-Gez is a pretty horse.  But really, the horse shown below is the most beautiful horse in the world.  He’s Starbuck, a Gypsy Cob at the Gypsy Vanner Ranch in the Seattle area.  See him cavorting about a paddock in THIS Mark Barrett video.

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