Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Steampunk Crustaceans

from: Archie McPhee's Endless Geyser of Awesome

We love these clockwork crustaceans created by French artist Steeven Salvat, who turned his fascination with old biological illustrations into an outlet to create his own incredibly detailed renderings over crustaceans that are half mechanical and half organic.

Entitled Mechanical / Biological [Crustacean Study], the 10-piece series was created using a 0.13mm Rotring technical drawing pen.

Watch this video to get a look at Salvat’s drawing process: 
Cancer Gigalain | Timelapse Making-Of

This timelapse making-of video shows the creation of one drawing from my project Mechanical / Biological [Crustacean Study]

It's done with 0.13mm Rotring on homemade ancient paper colored with tea.
Music credit : Mallive - Nogawa
You can follow me on INSTAGRAM for more work in progress : instagram.com/steeven_salvat/

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