Friday, March 3, 2017

51 Without Photoshop

Plane-drops - ChazDoge  

Lava That Formed To Look Like A Pile Of Bodies Being Sucked Into The Fiery Void Of Hell - Julija Nėjė

A rock created a bird-shaped mark on a widshield -  AshlynnMartell

Confusing Perspective -  ArkadiusBear
Thousandth of a second -  hicho
Out of body experience? -  olin_2
 Glowing base of tree made by arranging leaves - Noerdy

Man feeding swans in the snow - Report

Boat appears to be floating on air -  Domenico Formichella
Wind turbines lined up in Nevada -  spicedpumpkins
Red Line In A Hungarian Forest Marking The High Point Of A Toxic Aluminum Sludge Spill - BullyPulpit

Ice effect after flood -  Willyyz
Sea teeth -  Patrice Carré
Shining Mountain - Jim Pankey 
Rare cloud formation over eastern Victoria, Australia -  reddit
Schonbrunn trees -  AthensFinest

Rainbow -  Yutaka Kagaya

Urban storm -  fortheloveofglen
Sky Over Citifield After Intense Storm Before Game - beau-dog

Methane bubbles, Abraham Lake -  Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris
 Pole holding up a mountain - Denis Cherim

Camo dogs -  jamaicanmekaseyXoXo
Non-conformist sunflower -  EnjoyOslo
Tennis-ball Water-verse - Abhijeet Kumar  

 Building in Paris - TheCannon

Ice-ghost of Jeep -  iPhone-Jailbreak
Crack in the Earth -  ClosingDownSummer
Mammatus over fields - chakalakasp 
Slow-motion bubble pop - Report

Sunset under the clouds -  hicho

Under an Iceberg -  imgwykop
Roots growing around sidewalk cracks - question_ev3rything

 Solar Eclipse in Canyon - Michael Menefee

Sheep going through San Boldo Pass, Italy -  giancarlo rado
Atop Mt. Javornik, Slovenia -  Marko Korošec
Aurora uncoiling -  David Cartier, Sr
Inverted Icicles – Flipped Drainage Pit Grate -  Dominyka Jurkštaitė
 Fires and Tornadoes aren't bad enough on their own - imgur
 Waterspout over Tampa Bay - imgur

Spiral pine -  Lobo2ffs
Eruption of Mount Ararat -  flappytowel
Lava Skull descending into the ocean -  shikodo
 Mammatus Clouds - Jason Weingart
Mirney, Yakutia Russia -  Gelio
Train Station in Denmark - onlysame1

Shelf cloud north of Kearney -  Ryan McGinnis
 Fire Happening Now In California’s Lake Isabella Area - Michael Cuffe

 Seven Ghosts in Indonesia - Lawrence

Itap of a man in a mask -  Pneub
A Giant Lava Bubble Releasing Volcanic Glass In The Air - imgur
Burned out utility pole - Игорь Подгорный

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