Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kid Asks a Great Question - Reporter Acts Like a Cranky Toddler

South Carolina Coach Frank Martin was discussing his team’s 75-70 Sweet 16 win over Baylor on Friday night when he got a question from a Sports Illustrated For Kids reporter named Max. It was a pretty good question in that it did not involve a tired lead-in like “talk about” or “how did you feel?”

Martin’s response was pretty great, too.

(OK, so this video appears not to be working.  Go HERE to watch it.)
  SB Nation has the transcript:

SI Kids reporter: “When you coach or teach your team defense, what’s more important, technique or attitude?”

Martin: “First of all, a lot of respect to you. that’s a heck of a question. I’ve been doing this a long time, and that’s the first time anyone’s ever asked me that, that’s a heck of a question. Attitude comes first. We gotta have guys that are gonna believe in our mission, that are going to believe in what we do. Once they believe, then we can teach them the technique.”

All in all, a nice little exchange, no? Apparently not everyone thinks so.

Caraviello covers the Gamecocks for the Charleston Post and Courier and tweeted out his feelings during the late-night news conference that followed Florida’s overtime win over Wisconsin at Madison Square Garden. He made an attempt to walk things back by saying he was talking about a question asked during that news conference:

But nah, he was talking about the kid’s question: 

And he kept up this line of thinking in a rather feeble attempt at an apology later Saturday.

Caraviello is right in that deadlines are a pain, especially after already-long NCAA tournament games that go into overtime. But as someone who’s been to a few March Madness pressers in the past, sitting through question after question about in-game minutiae, I’m willing to wager that the kid’s question was among the top 5 queries asked of Martin, perhaps top 3.
I'm not even slightly interested in team sports, but this kid has great journalist written all over him.  Hope he spreads out his interests.  

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