Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Cars of Mad Max Fury Road

The viciously tricked out vehicles in Mad Max: Fury Road were as much stars of the movie as the actors, but they were so caked in desert grime and busy crashing into each other and exploding that it was hard to appreciate the incredible amount of work that went into designing and making them.

Fortunately Australian photographer John Platt spent time in a studio painstakingly photographing many of the vehicles that were used in the movie before they we put to work and spectacularly demolished on the Fury Road.

“Prior to the start of shooting ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ in Namibia, South West Africa I was commissioned to shoot these vehicles. Seventy five vehicles in three weeks. Trucks, cars and bikes including the incredible details that made each of them a work of art.”

The level of detail and character poured into each car, truck, and motorcycle is nothing short of breathtaking. Check out the engraving on the hood of this car:

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