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Use the Google - A Photo of Old Hong Kong

I have this photo in my kitchen.  I've spent a lot of time gazing at it, wondering where it was.  Shanghai? A friend who was born there said no.  Hong Kong?  An amateur historian I met said no. 

Since the numbers on the rickshaws were Arabic numerals I thought that it was probably someplace with a strong British influence.  My best guess was Hong Kong, but it was just that.  A guess.  Until today.  

I'm sick, and trying to be good.  So I spent over an hour hunting down the origins of this picture.  At last I found it HERE.

It was described as being shot on Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. A comment elaborated: "QRC looking west with Central Market on the right and Jubilee St at the next intersection. Probably 1885-1895."

The photographer was not named.

I wondered what the place looked like now.  So I collected a few more photos, and man, the place has changed!  Just look:

1880 Queen's Road Central.  Again, Photographer not credited.

Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong from 1890s-1960s
A collection of postcards taken around Central Market showing Queen Road in Hong Kong

The photos agree by mere coincidence (不約而同)

Rickshaws line Queens Road on Hong Kong Island which was the first road constructed by the British between 1841 and 1843. Sedan Chairs can also been seen on the road. During the British colonial rule, Queen's Road was a hive of activity. The first governors built their homes on Queen's Road and a post office and Christian church soon followed. Before the handover, there was a fear among locals that colonial street names would be changed but this was not the case.

 Detail of Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, China by Anonymous

Queens road central at western end where Wellington street meets it. 1960's  HK 

And now...  Yeesh!  This one comes with a video.  (This is a Still from it.)

A Walk along Queen's Road in Central Hong Kong 

Published on May 17, 2012
Taken Saturday November 20 2010, this walk begins by exiting Central station of the HK MTR, then crossing Queen's Road. The rest is a walk along Queen's Road toward the escalators to the Mid-levels. Lot's of people and people-watching, lots of gleaming high-end shops along the way.

Well, now I know where and when the photo was taken.  Too bad I couldn't find the photographer's name. 

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