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A Walk in the Bluebells

The Blue Forest

Each spring, a dreamlike carpet of bluebells overtakes the forest floor of this Belgian woods. 

From: Atlas Obscura
Donar Reiskoffer/ Wikimedia [Creative Commons]

Visit this Belgian forest at just the right time in the spring, and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a dream.

The Hallerbos — also known as the Blue Forest —is covered with millions of bluebells from late April into May. The otherworldly transformation of the 1,360 acre woods has a floral carpet brushing up against the lean beech trees as far as your eye takes you. Visitors can stroll the winding paths, and watch for rabbits and deer that wander through the green and azure woods. 

A footpath in Tourneppe, Belgium, through the bluebells by Vincent Brassinne 
While the woods, located in the Halle municipality between Flanders and Wallonia, is not far from Brussels, it’s often overlooked by visitors. The phenomenon of “bluebell forests” is not uncommon in Europe, particularly in its oldest woods, but the Hallerbos is unique for the density and beauty of its blooms. 

Mystical forest in Belgium  2 min.

 Image credit Jimmy De Taeye

Image credit Matthias Locker
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