Thursday, April 20, 2017

More on My Town and It's People

So, I'm sick of everyone wringing their hands about the awful state of Richmond, CA.  Yeah, Richmond has its problems, but what place doesn't?  Look at my city and its people.  We have a lot to be grateful for... 
 Here's Awe and her flower-stall called Tulips for a Kiss.

The red Oak Victory Ship and the General Warehouse.
 Raul Ibarra, master cabinet-maker and teacher of Latin Dance.

The Ford Plant, post face-lift.
 Two girls from the Washington School Halloween Parade.

Miller-Knox Park.
Mohammed at Cafe Altura - now moved to Tewksbury St., and re-named Aky's Cafe
The wig-wag signal - one of the last in the country.
John the mail carrier - a paragon of attitude and effectiveness.
Fihing for Herring at Ferry Point.
 Super Moon over Pt. Richmond.

A potter plies her clay at a street fair.
Crumbling stairway at the old Richmond docks.
The San Rafael Bridge at sunset.
Snapper's Seafood on Ohio Ave. - be there or be square!
 A shopfront on W. Richmond Ave.

Yarn-Bombing by the lovely and talented Susan Shore.
 Crabapple trees blooming on Tunnel Ave.

Cowboy sighted off the Richmond Parkway.

 A million little rubber duckies on Park Place Blvd.

 The fabulous glass of local artist Dan Wooddell.

Sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge, seen from Pt Isabel Park.
Everybody knows Vincent, right?
And Aky holds court over wonderful food at Aky's Cafe on Tewksbury.

We all have plenty to be happy about...

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