Wednesday, April 19, 2017

North Korea not Mincing Words

Kim Jong Un Enjoys Performance by State Merited Chorus for Participants of Military Parade
North Korea marks late founder’s birthday with video depicting massive nuclear strike on U.S.
Kim Jong Un Enjoys Performance by State Merited Chorus for Participants of Military Parade - Running time: 1:21:29

The Japan Times  by Jesse Johnson Staff Writer Apr 19, 2017 

A North Korean musical show celebrating the anniversary of its late founder has conveyed an explosive message for the United States — one depicting a massive nuclear strike on an unnamed city.

State television footage aired of the chorus performance on Sunday, a day after Pyongyang used a huge military parade to mark the anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong Un.

Songs included “Peace Is Guaranteed by Our Arms” and “Revolutionary Armed Forces Uphold Leadership of Marshal Only,” which the state-run Korean Central News Agency said represented “the rosy future of Kim Il Sung’s Korea which will prosper for all ages” and demonstrated the country’s power with its “independent nuclear weapons under the invincible leadership of Kim Jong Un.”

Toward the end of the more than 80-minute event, a large-screen television positioned behind rows of singing servicemen, decked out in full military garb, displayed video of the February test-launch of the new Pukguksong-2 ballistic missile, which the North has lauded as an “absolute success.”
The screen then shows a simulated attack with the Pukguksong-2 and three other missiles as they hurtle over the Pacific toward the U.S. before striking it, engulfing a city in an enormous fireball before cutting to a picture of a burning American flag in front of scores of crosses in a cemetery.

Footage taken from North Korean state-run television shows a burning American flag depicted in front of rows of crosses in a cemetery in a video displayed during a North Korean performance marking the anniversary of its late founder's birth.

“When the performance was over, all the performers and participants in the military parade broke into enthusiastic cheers of “hurrah!” for Kim, KCNA said.

The video then switched to footage of Kim’s exploits, with the frenzied audience turning in their seats to look at the leader, who smiles and waves in return.

“The Dear Supreme Leader waved back to them and congratulated the artistes on their successful performance,” KCNA said.

The North regularly threatens the destruction of the U.S. and South Korea.

Last month, the YouTube channel of the state-run Uriminzokkiri propaganda website released a video showing images of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and strategic bomber engulfed in flames.

The nearly three-minute video, which came amid large-scale annual joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, showed what appeared to be the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and a B-1B bomber on fire after being placed in the crosshairs of a weapon.

In 2013, the North was criticized over a propaganda video showing imagined attacks on New York and Washington, including images of the White House and Capitol building being targeted.

The latest depiction of an attack on the United States by the North comes amid soaring tensions between the two countries, as Pyongyang seeks to master the technology needed to mount a nuclear warhead on a long-range missile capable of striking the U.S.

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