Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Week In April

On average, a toddler in the U.S. shoots himself or someone else once a week. Some weeks are different.

Watch it https:HERE

Directed by Matthew Palmer
Produced by Matthew Palmer and Brian Gagliardi
In Association with RYOT Films
Cinematographer: Edgar Dubrovskiy
Edited by Matthew Palmer
Music by Raffertie
Executive Producer: Hayley Pappas
Executive Producer: Bryn Mooser
Associate Producer: David Lane
Colorist: Jason Moffat
Re-recording Mixer: Timothy O'Malley
Special thanks to everyone involved, particularly the family members of Kiyan, Sha'Quille, Za'veon, and Holston.


If you know a person who is a parent and a gun owner, make sure they see this film.  An unbiased look at tragedy.  

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