Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Valley Rebels

Published on Apr 28, 2017  24 min. 44 sec.

The Valley Rebels: the French farmer helping refugees cross Europe

Cédric Herrou is a farmer who supports and houses African refugees in the alpine village of Breil-Sur-Roya in southern France. Some regard him as a heroic good samaritan, but others – including the French border police and state prosecutor – denounce him as the leader of a band of smugglers, bringing migrants from Italy into France while flouting official border controls. As Cedric moves from one prosecution to another, why do he and his fellow activists feel compelled to defy the authorities?

Director, producer, editor: Spencer Wolff
Producer and editor: Ben Lenzner
Executive producers for the Guardian: Charlie Phillips and Lindsay Poulton
Commissioned by the Guardian and the Filmmaker Fund

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