Friday, May 5, 2017

9 of Nature

A lion cub plays with its mother in the rain in Masai Mara, Kenya.  photo: Shivang Mehta 
A male mandarin duck displays his colours beside the Bogataya river, outside Vladivostok, Russia photo: Yuri Smityuk
A wild boar walks in a swamp, in Slidell, Louisiana, USA photo: Rebecca Santana 

A wolverine in Kuhmo, Finland , captured by wildlife photographer Sam Hobson
Albino Orangutan Borneo  photo: Orangutan Survival Foundation 

Crabs arrive from the surrounding forests to spawn on Playa Giron on the eastern side of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.  photo: Alexandre Meneghini

Red kites fight each other for food, Watlington Hill in Oxfordshire, England. Photo: Simon Tassell
Remora ( Echeneis naucrates) and bignose unicornfish ( Naso vlamingii) in the Indian Ocean, Maldives. Photo: Andrey Nekrasov

Wild flowers – brown bitter weed and indian paintbrush – in the hill country around Austin and San Antonio in Texas, USA.  photo: Simon Leigh

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