Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Have You Seen the Osprey Cam?

The nest is at the Richmond docks someplace.  

from the Osprey Cam Page: 
"We are thrilled to announce the launch of live, 24-hour video of an active Osprey nest on the Richmond shoreline!

We've installed two high-definition video cameras that will allow close-up views of an Osprey pair courting, nesting, incubating eggs, and raising their young on top of a World War 2 maritime crane -- with stunning views of the Bay and the S.F. skyline in the background. Infrared camera capability will even allow us to view the nest at night without disturbing the birds.

An Osprey pair -- whom we've named Richmond (for the city) and Rosie (for the nearby Rosie the Riveter historical monument) -- is currently in residence, courting and copulating. We expect the first egg to be laid within the next couple of weeks. Then incubation will take about 40 days. Once the chicks hatch, they will spend about 55 days in the nest before fledging.

View the live video feed at http://sfbayospreys.org

Check out the Nest Cam and please share it with your friends! We believe that the compelling drama of this growing family of "sea hawks" will create thousands of local Osprey fans. And their love for these birds will inspire them to become advocates for local wildlife and a clean and healthy Bay!

Along with the live video feed, our Nest Cam web site includes background information on Ospreys and what people can do to help protect them. There is a live chat area where you can ask questions or share reactions to developments at the nest."

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