Friday, May 12, 2017

Science Geeks Write Reviews

Did you know that you can buy uranium on  Well, you can!  It costs about 40 bucks and comes in a tin. 

Now before you start planning your very own bomb, be aware that this is a very tiny bit of uranium, and very weak.  But, if you must have it, go HERE

But really, the best part of the Amazon uranium is the customers’ reviews.  Check it out!

Top Customer Reviews

ByJammeron July 17, 2014
Magic stuff. Been taking 1 spoon a day for 3 weeks. I can now type this review using all 12 fingers.

ByEllyaon August 23, 2014
I got a free cat in the box with this purchase but I'm not sure if I should open it to see if the cat is ok.

By Patrick J. McGovernon May 14, 2009
I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty.

By Lawrence Gonzalezon August 23, 2014
I left this product next to my pet lizard, unfortunately now he's 350ft tall now and is currently destroying Tokyo, Japan.

ByBretton January 25, 2014
This is NOT, repeat, NOT a woman from the Ukraine. Very disappointed but can only blame myself. Please read description when sober.
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By Thomas G. Jacometon August 23, 2014
Mixed this in with rose fertilizer and have blooms nearly one foot in diameter! Drawback is I can't cut them as they growl at me whenever I get near them with the scissors...and they've eaten several small birds and a stray kitten...

By Matt Agnostoson November 29, 2014
Would rate zero stars if I could! I guess the super powers you receive from this product are completely random. My power was colon cancer and the ability to smell colors. How am I supposed to fight crime with that?! Do not buy!

By Carl Wadey on August 23, 2014
Oh, so on re-reading the book, it's nitrogen, phosphorus, and POTASSIUM in garden fertiliser. Not Uranium. My bad, great product, and I'm now off to take the tomato plant for its walk.

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