D.J. Trump never raced, records show, and his owners put him on the stud market in 1989. His stud career was brief and unremarkable; he fathered 15 foals in three years, and none developed into a prizewinner worthy of the horse’s regal bloodline. 

D.J. Trump died in 1991, and records do not list a cause of death. An employee at the Ocala farm where the horse lived said only one employee remains from the late 1980s, and he has no recollection of a horse called D.J. Trump or the events described by O’Donnell. 

Whoever was in charge of naming D.J. Trump’s foals, however, apparently had a fascination with Donald Trump. In early 1990, Trump left his first wife, Ivana, for the model Marla Maples, fueling months of feverish coverage by New York City tabloids. 

That April in Florida, records show, D.J. Trump fathered a filly. Its name: A Date With Marla.