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The Sobi Yamada Iron Art Mystery

Supreme Skills - Seeking a Lost Japanese Art 

In the early 1900's, a master Japanese craftsman awed the world at the St. Louis World's Fair with a metalsmithing technique that is now lost. Freely forming single sheets of iron, Sobi Yamada created many beautiful animal figures that seemed to take on life. But exactly how he did it is still a mystery that defies explanation even with the application of modern technology. Join us as we document a museum researcher and an artist who team up to rediscover a lost Japanese art. They have 2 months to replicate the achievements of a master craftsman who flourished more than a century ago - can they do it?
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Mr. Yamada Munemi, an unprecedented metalwork writer
Tabimati   2011/05/18
I interrupted Mamoru Yamada Somi Exhibition of Iron Entrance Exhibition. The place is Kaga Art Gallery.

Mami Yamada special display
"Iron casting" Using a hammer while keeping a uniform thickness of a single thin iron plate, strike it, strike it, create a fine three dimensional modeling technique It is a unique forging technique developed by Mune. Dissatisfied (searching dictionary) · · · rarely so far as to not appear in the world I will study.

Fairground 1

Fairground 3

Fairground 2
The lion's incense burner introduced also in the TV program is also being exhibited ↓ (There are some people who have a familiar look ~ ~)
Mami Yamada Iron shot lion incense burner
Because it is made from a sheet of iron, the inside is hollow. The weight of the work is 640 g. It is very light. It is about the same weight as about 300 sheets of A5 size paper.


Usagi 1
This rabbit is so cute ~ ~ ~. The weight is 770 g. (Light) Tense ears and limbs. Eye line · · · The details are made precisely and I want to embrace unintentionally. I wonder if it is better to be kicked by the hind legs ~ Iron is also good taste.

Mami Yamada Iron Manufactured Tanuki Figurines
I thought that it was a young dog · · · was "Temuki". I feel a youthful feeling when a nose bridge passes and a dignified expression is human.

Mami Yamada Iron shot Raijin incense burner
It is a thunder god incense burner. It is a charming work! It is! It is! I am surprised that these are made from a thin iron plate.  

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