Saturday, June 17, 2017

Yesterday Was Banding Day

Yesterday the osprey chicks got banded.  The event was blacked out at the nest-cam ( ) Some folks posted pic on the "Live-chat" page.  (  Not sure how they got them.

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Everyone was anxious about it - especially the parents of the chicks.  But in due course the chicks were returned to the nest, camera lenses were cleaned, and assorted detritus cleared away.

I had been wondering if and when the chicks would be banded.  As an ex-mom of a pigeon loft I knew it would need to be done soon, if at all.  I even asked on the "live chat" if banding was planned.  But no answer was forthcoming until the banding took place yesterday.  

Now the "kids" are banded.  

And life in the nest is returning to normal...

But last night as I watched Rosie standing guard over her chicks, (The nest is lit with infrared light which, apparently the birds can't see and so are not disturbed by it.) I wondered what she was thinking.  Was she replaying scenes of chick-napping in her mind?  She certainly was staying closer, and watching very attentively.  

What must she have made of the events of the day?  

I stayed up rather later than usual, watching her and tinkering with the B&W images above.  

But today things seem bright and cheery.  Rosie serves lunch, framed by sailboats, and Richmond watches from the cables. The chicks are eating well, and all seems right with the world.  The chicks' "bling" will serve to help us understand these birds better by letting observers follow their movements, and generally keep track of them.  Rivet and Whirley are the first SF Bay ospreys to be so banded.  Little trail-blazers.

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