Monday, July 10, 2017

Capricine Portraiture

Gorgeous goats – in pictures

Meet Ben, Bella, Sherlock and Sydney – the elegant goats turned into portraits by Kevin Horan. As the American photographer explains, he just treated them ‘like customers in a small-town photo studio’

The Guardian  10 July 2017

   ‘This is a work about portraiture,’ says Kevin Horan, who is based in Langley, Washington. ‘What it does and how it works. I’ve made portraits of people for years and the chemistry of it is still mysterious. I tell my subjects that a good portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. But how do you collaborate with a goat? A goat you’ve just met?’ Kevin Horan: Chattel is at the Pictura Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana, until 29 July. All photographs: Kevin Horan/Pictura Gallery


    ‘My first subjects were the sheep across the lane from me. But that didn’t work out. I then went to a small goat dairy, and a couple of goat fanciers, who were more cooperative’ 


‘My best source for subjects is New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary in Arlington, Washington. They have collaborated with me for a number of years. I found some of the iconic faces there.'

Xenia #1   

‘They seem to have a personality. Perhaps they do – and the photograph lets us see it. Or perhaps the language of the photo creates the impression of a personality’

Sydney #3

‘While the idea was to bring farm animals into a classical portrait studio, the studio actually goes to them – it takes a couple of hours to set up lighting and backdrops’

Jake #1

‘They’re treated as if they were customers in a small-town photo studio’

 Lily #4

‘Once a small area is lit for a sitting, our subjects are led into the sweet spot and persuaded to stay there a while’

  Xantippe #1

‘There’s no single method that is sure to work, but one thing that never works is coercion’

     Sherlock #2

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