Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dogs and Cats May Now Wear Samurai Armor

 Samurai armor producer’s pet project sparks overseas queries

by CHIE KOHARA/ Staff Writer  July 10, 2017   

Mako, a pet of a Fukuoka-based silkscreen printing company, wears a red “yoroi” in Fukuoka’s Minami Ward. (Chie Kohara)

FUKUOKA--Although they face little risk of being gutted by a “katana” (sword), pets are donning samurai armor handcrafted by a silkscreen printing company here.

Samurai Age, a brand of the company, Staff, has received a flood of overseas inquiries since photos of a Shiba Inu dog dressed in red “yoroi” samurai gear went viral at the end of May.

“We’ve been so busy that we would like to take any help we can get, even from cats and dogs,” said Eiji Kimura, 61, the company president. “I am grateful that people abroad are happy with our products.”

The full pet armor weighs only about 100 grams and consists of resin foam normally used for wrapping machinery parts.

The company uses its printing prowess to give the armor some color and dignity.

A yoroi armor set for cats costs from around 14,000 yen ($124.80) to 16,000 yen.

Dog owners are asked to contact the company to discuss the price and other details.

For more information, visit the Samurai Age’s website at (

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