Friday, July 7, 2017

The Cabin Bus

The Cabin bus service provides sleeping quarters on overnight journeys between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Credit Cabin
Last year, a new bus service offering $48 overnight trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco created so much buzz that a wait-list grew into the thousands.

Why the huge demand?


The company, called SleepBus, came equipped with bunks that let passengers sleep through the journey and wake up early the next morning at their destination.

Overwhelmed by the public response, the company went on hiatus to figure out how to scale up the operation.

Now it’s back, with a new name (Cabin), more buses (three altogether), and a revised price (starting at $115 each way).

The buses have two levels, one for a bar and lounge area, and the other for the sleeping pods.

The concept has proved intriguing — last week Cabin announced $3.3 million in seed financing.

The sleeping quarters on a Cabin bus. Credit Cabin
For potential riders, it also prompts all sorts of questions.

• Is there Wi-Fi? Yes.

• A bathroom? Yes, with a flushable toilet and sink.

• What about privacy? The pods have curtains, and a crew member rides along to ensure that everything is copacetic.

• Can you share your pod with someone? No.

• Is it clean?

Think of it as a moving hotel, Tom Currier, a founder of Cabin, said in an email: “This includes professionally cleaning the entire vehicle and providing fresh bedding for every single trip.”

• Most pressingly for Mr. Currier and his team, will enough people be willing to pay $115 a ride when you can commonly fly the same route for less?

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