Saturday, August 5, 2017

The 10th Osprey Nonsense

Now this one is interesting because...

BRITISH AIRCRAFT PILOTS hand dropped the first bombs until the introduction of the bomb rack on fighter planes and the giant bombers

A crewman on a British airship prepares to drop a bomb from the rear cockpit during WWI. When released, the propeller on the rear of the bomb would spin and turn an internal screw which armed the bomb at a safe distance from the aircraft.

Aerial bomb-aiming, 1916 A flight lieutenant of the Royal Naval Air Service prepares to throw a high-explosive bomb from the rear cockpit of the gondola of an SSZ (Sea Scout Zero) airship,.

This, because blue-footed boobys are always a good idea!

This, because the building-roof next to the osprey nest has a face.  Kind of...

See above.
To celebrateNational Beer Day and National White Wine Day.  (And sake, just because.)
5 views of Rosie as the morning gets progressively lighter.  (right to left)
For National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Bedtime for Rivet. 

For National Watermelon Day
For today, which is National Mead Day,
...and National Underwear Day.

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