Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 11th Osprey Silliness

To celebrate National Beach Day, Berry Pie Day, Sea Serpent Day, Lighthouse Day, and Beach Party Day
For National Mead Day
 This is just because the "Tiki Roof" of Rigger's loft has such an expressive face...

 A collection of boats and ospreys from pre-dawn to post sunrise...

This was an excuse to get all my favorite boats in the same picture. (The helicopter is known as an Osprey, so of course I had to put one in.)
This was for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
This was because the bird's pose begged for a wave...  
This was for National Watermelon Day and National Alligator Day
This was because I had a lot of crow images and wanted to play with them.

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