Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bird Photographer of the Year 2018

The shortlist for the coveted Bird Photographer of the Year awards has been announced by Nature Photographers and the British Trust for Ornithology. Here we display a few of the entries in the running for the awards, which will be announced by Chris Packham in August at the annual Rutland Birdwatching Fair

The Guardian   8 Mar 2018

Giant cowbird taking ticks from a capybara, Pantanal, Brazil

Water rail, Salamanca, Spain

Kingfisher diving, Spain

Alexandrine parakeet standing on swallows nest

Dalmatian pelicans, Lake Kerkini, Greece

Toco toucan, Poconé, Brazil

Whooper swans, Janakkala, Finland

Northern gannet, Bempton Cliffs, United Kingdom

Red-billed oxpecker on an impala, Kruger National Park, South Africa

White-tailed eagle, Hortobágy, Hungary

Sanderling wading birds stop during migration, Asturias, Spain

Griffon vulture, Alaska

Ruddy duck, British Columbia, Canada

Grey heron, Hungary

Snowy owl, Canada

 White-backed vulture, Zimanga, South Africa
Northern gannet with discarded netting in its beak, Heligoland, Germany
Photograph: Petr Bambousek


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