Friday, March 23, 2018

It's Cherry Blossom Time in China, Too

Cherry Blossoms Have Just Bloomed In China, And It’s Probably One Of The Most Amazing Sights On The Planet

People worldwide usually associate Cherry blossoms with spring in Japan, but China's blooms are so magical, they might just become their national symbol as well. The country has just been flooded by an ocean of colorful blossoms, which should stay vibrant through April.

Residents and tourists from all over the world are flocking to the many different sites to admire these gorgeous floral children of spring. At Kunming Zoo in Yunnan Province, for example, the 19th Cherry Blossom Festival began on March 7th and will last until April 7th. It features over 5,000 flowering cherry and crab-apple trees. The 2018 Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival will run from March 16th to April 15th in Gucun Park, showing off more than 12,000 cherry blossom trees of 82 varieties.

Cherry Blossoms and Other Beautiful Flowers Usher in Spring in China | National Geographic

National Geographic  Published on Mar 21, 2018  2 min. 1 sec.

Bright pink and white flowers carpeted the landscape in Gui'an New District and Qingzhen City. In Anshun City, face patterns made of yellow, white and purple rapeseed flowers covered the hillsides. In north China's Shanxi Province, pink-white apricot blossoms could be seen as well. In Jinzhai County of east China's Anhui Province, bright red azalea blossoms mixed in with green mountains. While cherry blossoms can be found around the world, the majority of species can be found in eastern Asia.

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