Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

Please click to enlarge image. To make it even larger, right-click the enlargement, select "view image," and click again on the magnifying glass icon..

The pictures were constructed from many screen caps on the Whirley Crane osprey nest camera, plus lots of tweaking and adjusting..

Ship was constructed from 4 shots, background and nest from about a dozen, birds from 4.

Night version incorporated about 4 more shots of fireworks, and lots of tweaking.  The one over San Francisco was taken in 2014.

What makes these so hard to construct is the bird poop on the camera housing, which has to be photoshopped out, pieced over or teased out of existence by the brightnes/contrast tool, the color balance tool and the sharpening tools.  Sample of poopy camera housing below.

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