Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tthe Horses of Jeju

This year, (2014) Jeju was designated as the nation`s first special zone for the support of the horse industry. In celebration of this occasion, Jeju National Museum has prepared an exhibition that is expected to deepen viewers’ understanding of horse-related culture and history in Korea, emphasize Jeju’s identity as the home of Korean horses, and contribute to fostering the horse industry by promoting the conservation of horses and providing value in terms of the practical use of horses. Over 490 pieces related to Korean horses are included here in the nation’s first large-scale show on this theme. 

This show is the first of its kind in Korea to display as many as eighty paintings featuring horses, with works belonging to a range of genres including documentary painting recording the state funeral of the king or a royal marriage, and literati painting from Joseon Dynasty scholar painters. For this exhibition, a number of documents will be opened to the public for the first time. In addition, the accompanying catalogue is expected to help readers deepen their understanding of the horse-related culture of Jeju through the list of historical documents and terminology regarding the horses of Jeju.

There is a lovely article about the Jeju Horse exhibition HERE It includes art and artifacts, and information on many subjects relating to Jeju horses in the past & present.  Here are a few of the images in the article.

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