Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Weird Things

from: Bored Panda 

 A Chameleon Mummified - YoSoyUnPayaso

Goliath Tiger Fish, Congo River - PrestonGarvey1
Plant Growing in Skull - Woahitswelker
 Oregon Fires Next To A Golf Course - Kolsefer (There's no such thing as Global Warming)

A Bazillion Fire Ants Floating In Flooding From Harvey - nephilis
Lamprey - tbekkerman 

 Inside a Goose's Mouth (Yes, that's its tongue) - crutiatus_curse 

Pufferfish Skeleton - hdalby33
Snake Swallowing Centipede in Mexico - livvy2340
 Spider with Web Full of Mosquitos - Heanshii

Worms and Bugs on Post - Alphawolfdog 

Wrap Around Spider - Freddy83 
Clathrus Archeri Fungus - reddit

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